Researchers rank it better!

What do we do?

We are building a journals ranking different from any other, the only one based on the actual assessment of actual researchers, the first one made by peers for peers.

Do we still believe in journal metrics?!

Peer review is the gold standard of research evaluation, end of discussion. However, it is expensive – referees’ time is a precious resource. This is why bibliometric indicators are and will be used for a long time, hopefully for minor decisions (e.g. day-to-day funding, not hiring). Our goal is to build an indicator as good as humanly possible.


If you have, or will soon have, a PhD in social sciences or computer science, an attitude for thinking outside the box and a passion for challenging the established order, please contact us! We do not have currently open positions, but we may have more later on, stay tuned!

What skills or experience are we looking for?

Our project requires different sets of skills, working in coordination. We are looking for an empirical social scientist with a penchant for data manipulation and experiments, for a theoretical economist passioned by mechanism design in the real world, and for a computer scientists who loves efficiency when it marries effectiveness (and Python).

How can I get to know more?

Click here for more details on our approach! Or contact us at info AT peerrank DOT org

is part of the BiblioPref project, financed by the Italian Ministry of Research
(PRIN 2022 program, CUP J53D23004410008)